School of Basic Education

Colegio de Dagupan now has a very young but very established high school department. These budding minds are natured by the pristine instruction system of Colegio de Dagupan. Since this is the formative stage of these students, the institution assures that all the necessary support be provided so that everyone is prepared to take each career path they desire. Our high school students gets a hands on to the various equipment and apparatus being required by the K 1o 12 program. Every student is guided and trained according to the K to 12 track and strands.

Colegio de Dagupan is now K to 12 ready. We take pride in accepting enrolless for Grades 11 and 12. We are equipped with the latest materials that could very well deliver the requirements in each track and strand that the Department of Education K to 12 program demands. Al of our instruction program underwent rigorous accreditation to custom fit every student's career path.

ISCdD of Basic Education

Our Pre-school is conveniently located at Leisure Coast Resort, Bonuan Binloc, Dagupan City. This is strategically located there to ensure the safety of each and every student. Furthermore, the site embraces the ambiance of nature that is very much conducive for early age learning. Come and visit our site and be in awe of what we have for your child.

Academic Programs

  • Toddlers (TOD)
  • Nursery (NUR)
  • Kinder (KIN)
  • Grade 7 - Junior High School (GRD7)
  • Grade 8 - Junior High School (GRD8)
  • Grade 9 - Junior High School (GRD9)
  • Grade 10 - Junior High School (GRD10)
  • Grade 11 - Senior High School (GRD11)
  • Grade 12 - Senior High School (GRD12)